Unitrans Continues To Make It Happen Through Exceptional People Transport Services

Unitrans’ Passenger division has ensured safe journeys for more than 40 years.

Our passenger division

Our Unitrans Passenger division moves millions of people annually. We provide a comprehensive range of innovative and secure people transportation solutions, servicing various sectors, across Southern Africa. Through our diverse portfolio, extensive fleet, and robust partnerships, we ensure safe, people transport.

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An integrated service and partnership model

At Unitrans, we partner with our customers to develop people transportation solutions that benefit both parties and positively contribute to and empower the local communities within which we operate. Our services focus on three areas: transporting personnel, commuters, and managed services.

Safely moving staff and students

We provide secure, punctual personnel transport services that go beyond industries and borders, catering to the diverse needs of various businesses. Our versatile bus and shuttle services for airport transfers, events, and conferences, minimises logistical challenges and promotes eco-friendly travel. Similarly, we are proud to provide dedicated school bus services designed for students’ needs. Our reliable daily commute and field trip transportation services ensure the safety and comfort of students and educators. 

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Ensuring commuters are on time

We recognise the importance of providing sustainable, reliable and safe public transport. Our teams collaborate with National and Provincial Departments of Transport to provide safe public transport services. Routes and schedules are strategically designed to meet peak demands. As a transport partner, commuter satisfaction is our objective, as our team prioritises punctuality, affordability and safety.

Efficient fleet management and managed services

Through our managed services, we provide comprehensive bus fleet management and maintenance services. We offer a range of driver options, whether it’s providing our own experienced drivers or seamlessly integrating with your existing team. Our managed services team works to optimise fleet efficiency, ensure regulatory compliance, and minimise operational costs for our customers.

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Cost-effective people transport solutions

Using our diverse fleet of over 1000 buses and vehicles, we find innovative and cost-effective solutions to fulfil our customers’ unique requirements. Our fleet is strategically utilised to maximise vehicle lifespan. Our diverse fleet includes luxury coaches, semi-luxury coaches, buses, Quantums and various smaller vehicles for more specialised needs.

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Our commitment to safety

Safety is our top priority and we are committed to ensuring peace of mind through our multi-layered approach. Regular safety audits ensure ISO compliance, and each vehicle is thoroughly inspected before each journey. Our drivers receive extensive training beyond standard requirements. As part of our commitment to continuous development, we also conduct regular refresher training, and undertake rigorous medical testing that ensures every driver is within the required health standards for professional drivers. Our commitment to safety extends into real-time monitoring, and 24/7 tracking with live cameras and radio communication that enable constant driver contact covering all trips. Our customers and passengers travel assuredly, with Unitrans drivers at the wheel.

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Accreditations and accolades

Backed by our four decades of dedicated passenger transport service experience, our People Transport division is highly accredited. When it comes to our fleet maintenance credentials, we are accredited by the best. Our in-house maintenance technicians are accredited by MAN, Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Yutong to service vehicles on their behalf. Notably, our drivers and teams have been recognised through a variety of awards and accolades over the years. Most recently, five of our team members  were lauded for their skills and expertise at the Hollard Highway Heroes awards.

Through expertise, safety and reliability, the Unitrans Passenger division is committed to putting our customers, their staff, and commuters, on the road to productivity, growth and success.

With Unitrans as your partner, every journey is a safe one.

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