Proudly serving Sub-Saharan Africa for over 100 years

Unitrans is the leading provider of integrated logistics and supply chain solutions and services that enables growth across many Sub-Saharan African markets. Our successful business model incorporates the design, implementation, and ongoing supply of services that allow our customers to focus on and grow their core business.

Africa presents great commercial opportunities for those with a bold vision, a willingness to invest, and persistent drive to find the right way.

We have a wide-ranging footprint in Sub-Saharan countries that include South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique, Zambia, Malawi, Tanzania, Mauritius, and Madagascar.

Unitrans, through the power of doing, has demonstrated the ability and desire to leave a positive impact on the economic and social development of Sub-Saharan Africa.



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Unitrans follows a strong partnership approach to deliver tailored end-to-end agricultural solutions and comprehensive agriculture services including infrastructure, product movement and field production services incorporating precision farming, artificial intelligence, business analytics and informative-reporting to drive efficiencies and to deliver real-time decision making.


Unitrans provides Mining and Bulk Materials Handling Services in several regions in Africa. We have operated road trains in Africa for more than 35 years, having developed safe high-payload combinations using Performance Based Systems (PBS). We also transport and distribute explosives and supply ancillary mining equipment allowing for a total mining service provision.


Unitrans provides transportation services in the bulk fuel, chemicals and food markets. Our fleet of highly specialised vehicles can effectively transport heated or chilled products including diesel, petrol, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), jet fuel, illuminated paraffin, avgas, HFO and naphtha, general chemicals, industrial oils, acids as well as bulk food products. Unitrans also has experience in the transportation of industrial and cryogenic gasses.

Food and Consumer

At Unitrans we offer a comprehensive set of supply chain solutions in the food and consumer industry. We bring many years of hands-on experience and expertise and offer market-leading specialised fleet as well as cutting-edge technologies and management solutions. Our services subscribe to benchmark levels of hygiene, biosecurity, health and safety requirements.

People Transport

Unitrans has been moving people safely for over 40 years. Our aim is to consistently free up our clients to focus on growing their businesses by providing a range of solutions that enable our customers to meet their operational, governance and social commitments. We specialise in providing people transportation services for commuters and customers across multiple sectors and regions.


Unitrans has extensive experience and competence in designing and implementing integrated end-to-end value chain solutions, efficiently connecting customers to their markets and the world. Our freight forwarding, clearing, warehousing, distribution and supply chain management services are enabled through innovative technologies and delivers value to customers through our dedication to operational excellence.

How Can We Serve Your Business?

Unitrans believes in creating close and trusting partnerships. Decades of deep relationships have laid the foundation for a growing network of operations spanning many Sub-Saharan countries. By offering tailored innovative solutions and entrenching long-term partnerships, our market presence spans multiple sectors and industries in Africa.


Top Employer

Unitrans has been certified as a “Top Employer” in South Africa by the Top Employers Institute (TEI). The prestigious Top Employer certification reaffirms Unitrans’ dedication to create a working environment oriented to the needs and well-being of its employees. “We strive to ensure that each of our employees is seen, heard, appreciated and understood. It is very much a part of our ethos and culture as a company. At Unitrans, we believe in the power of doing. Being recognised for our continuous investment in our people is a tremendous honour” Terry Bantock, CEO of Unitrans.

Unitrans Top Employer South Africa 2024
Unitrans Top Employer 2024

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Tongaat Hulett Sugar Estate EN6 Mafambisse Beira Mozambique Tel: +258 85 560 9510 Extension of Services for Tongaat Hulett Read more about our Agricultural Services Precision Agricultural Management Services in Mozambique GPS Levelling and Farming Innovation in Africa Agriculture and Logistics in Africa Use of Drones in Farming Precision farming in Africa Land Preperation
Unitrans Africa Namibia - Tsumeb Operations Site
Unitrans Africa Lesotho

Unitrans Africa Lesotho Depot

82 Motsoene Road
Maseru Industrial
Tel: +27 87 231 2028

Unitrans Africa Madagascar - Unimat Head Office
Unitrans Africa Madagascar - Unimat Depot
Southern Star Logistics

Southern Star Logistics

King Sobhuza II Avenue, Matsapha Industrial Sites
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P.O. Box 360

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Unitrans South Africa - PE Depot

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Unitrans South Africa - Avoca Depot

Food and Consumer, Agriculture, General Freight and Mining.

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Unitrans Fleet Services (UFS)

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Petroleum and Chemical Services

Unitrans South Africa - Tulisa Park

Food and Consumer, Agriculture, Chemicals, General Freight and Mining

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General Freight Services

Unitrans South Africa - Xinergistix Brackenfell

Food and Consumer, Agriculture, Petroleum and Chemicals, General Freight and Mining

Unitrans South Africa - Xinergistix Springs

Food and Consumer, Agriculture, Petroleum and Chemicals, General Freight and Mining

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"Helping to build economies in Africa"

Our Pillars of Success

We Commit To:

We are passionately driven by the pursuit of excellence.

Having developed comprehensive insights and understanding of supply chains across industry sectors, we are committed to the aim of establishing internal frameworks, standards, methodologies and processes that engage and motivate stakeholders to transition organisational strategy into operational excellence.

Leveraging a centralised source of supply chain intelligence integrating with various ancillary technologies throughout its network, we deliver value to our customer base by enabling them to make informed decisions using accurate and intelligent information and enabling the implementation of continuous improvement processes and best practices.

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