Unitrans Africa accelerates growth in Africa with dedicated rail link between Mozambique and Zimbabwe

Through its key partnerships with NRZ National Railways of Zimbabwe, CFM Caminhos de Ferro de Mocambique and Traxtion, Unitrans Africa is spurring trade in Africa offering dedicated rail links between Maputo Port and three major Zimbabwean trade hubs, Harare, Bulawayo and Gweru. 

These new transport services offer key access and an enhanced opportunity for importers and exporters to utilise Maputo’s multi-purpose deep-water port, connecting customers in the hinterland with their global trade partners and vice versa, and underscores Unitrans Africa’s commitment to driving sustainable growth within sub-Saharan Africa. 

Unitrans Africa is focussed on accelerating Africa’s growth and opportunities that involve public private partnership such as this dedicated service are testament to our commitment to our communities and customers.

As well as promoting new trade opportunities for customers in both Zimbabwe and Maputo, this dedicated rail service will reduce transit times, cut costs and offer a more reliable service, as previously goods needed to be transported via road. The positive economic impact of this more cost- and time-efficient trade corridor will be felt throughout the region, promoting business confidence amongst Unitrans Africa’s customer-base.

We look forward to growing and developing this positive trade solution as we engage and respond to our customers’ changing needs. Agility and innovation is core to Unitrans Africa’s business strategy,” says Hayworth.

unitrans rail link 1

Maputo Port’s enhanced trade capacity is proving vital to its renewed position as a global transit hub, thanks to its strategic position in the region, with extensive road and rail connections throughout Southern Africa, and shipping routes to the Middle East, Europe and East Asia. Unitrans Africa’s rail corridor between Mozambique and Zimbabwe will play a key role in promoting Maputo Port’s standing amongst its global and African trade partners. 

About Unitrans Africa:

Unitrans Africa is a diversified contractual logistics company serving the needs of selected sub-Saharan African markets. The company’s successful business model incorporates the design, implementation and ongoing provision of supply chain solutions for its customers.

Africa presents great commercial opportunities for those with a bold vision and persistent drive to find the right way. Unitrans Africa has demonstrated this ability and ongoing desire to leave a positive mark on the economic development of Sub-Sahara Africa serving more than 650 million people.

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