A look behind the scenes at the Unitrans Control Tower

At Unitrans, we believe that operational excellence relies on the unlocking of tangible and intangible value through centralised operational control, as well as continuous business improvement, centralised business intelligence, and the optimisation of all strategic operating systems.

In line with this, the Unitrans Control Tower (UTC) in Kenilworth, Cape Town is a significant value add to customers. It falls under the centralised operational control pillar and its objectives are managing the safety of our assets and our people through mitigating the risk of movable assets, centralizing focus, leveraging investments, and driving productivity through performance metrics.

The UCT is a supply chain control tower that consists of a central hub with the required resources, technology, and organisational processes that currently captures and utilises transportation data for a fleet of 1 966 vehicles and operates as a central management function, optimising through a shared platform of multiple technologies in our Center of Excellence.

The adoption of a zero-tolerance approach to fleet and journey management has seen significant improvement in fleet utilisation, reduced standing times as well as increased overall vehicle efficiency. The control tower is equipped with the latest real-time technology enablers and processes which enhance operational visibility and enables safe and reliable supply-chain management for Unitrans customers. Some of the key functionalities the UCT focuses on include:

  • Route planning as well as track-and-trace, which enhances driver safety by enforcing and monitoring adherence to road and contract regulations.
  • Route deviations and exception management (defining standard operating procedures for managing anomalies as and when they occur.
  • On-road safety.

These are just some of the factors that allow the UCT to not only position itself as a centralised point for internal operations but also affirm its position as the market leader in the supply chain industry.

The UCT stands out as a centralised single source of transport intelligence, integrating into the various ancillary technologies throughout our network and providing a holistic view and the life cycle of the driver and the vehicle. This has enabled the UCT to empower the business to make informed decisions using accurate and intelligent information by creating enhanced visibility for short and long-term decision-making that is aligned with the strategic objectives of the client.

The UCT in conjunction with its key functional resource partners in the video graphic and telematics industry offers our clients peace of mind by knowing the exact physical location of our vehicles at any given point in time. Through the effective utilisation of various fleet ancillary technologies, we are able to closely control and regulate how these vehicles are performing from a utilisation and efficiency perspective.

Learn more about the Unitrans Control Tower which falls under Centralised Operational Control (COC), as well as our other Operational Excellence pillars and how they can benefit your organisation, here.