Mining and Bulk Materials Handling Services

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Mining Services in Sub-Saharan Africa

Unitrans is a leading provider of on-mine and off-mine services as well as bulk materials handling to customers across Sub-Saharan Africa. Our services incorporate bulk handling, load and haul, road maintenance, stockpile management, inbound and outbound logistics services, contract mining as well as site rehabilitation. We have an extensive footprint in Sub-Saharan countries that include South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Lesotho, Tanzania, and Madagascar.

Bulk Handling Fleet Management

Unitrans has been operating bulk handling equipment for most of the large mining groups. Some of the great successes include the operations of road trains in Africa for more than 35 years, having developed safe high-payload combinations using Performance Based Systems. We also transport and distribute explosives and supply ancillary mining equipment allowing for a total mining service provision.

Safety in Mining

Safety performance is critical within our mining efforts. Unitrans has a proud record with regard to conforming to Safety, Health, Environmental, and Quality requirements of our clients, and has a proven track record at WBSR. We are well versed in all the procedures and processes necessary to ensure full compliance with any requirements.

Mining Services and Bulk Handling

Total Materials Handling Solutions

The benefits and innovative approach offered by our unique road train capability extends into other areas.
We also offer total material handling solutions, including the following:

Clearing and stripping

Land clearing and overburden removal.

Load & haul

The load and haul of product in opencast mining operations. Providing the best loader-truck combination for optimal load and haul cycles. Ensuring that the loading tool is compatible with the capacities of the fleet. Reducing time spent waiting to dump and queuing to load. Short distance haulage is done using ADTs or rigid dump trucks, and long distance haulage is done using road trains or on-road vehicle combinations.

Haul road maintenance

Haul road development and road maintenance. A well maintained haul road will ensure that haul trucks can operate safely and efficiently, while reducing emissions and truck operating costs. This includes dust suppression solutions to reduce dust and erosion of the haul roads and other problem areas within the mine.

Stockpile management

The development and maintenance of product and waste stockpiles, including the configuration and placement of stockpiles.


The restoration of post-mine landscape according to the intended land usage, to minimise and mitigate the effects of mining on the environment.

Inbound and outbound logistics

Transportation of dry bulk product in pressurised tankers, mechanised and non-mechanised transport of bagged product on tautliners or flatdecks, and the transportation of aggregate and raw bulk product in side tipper combinations. Making use of PBS vehicles to reduce costs and impact on environment where possible.

Value added services

  • Transportation of mining explosives
  • Personnel transportation
  • Workshop facilities
  • Store facilities
  • Wash-bay facilities
  • Tyre-bay facilities
  • Workshop maintenance services
  • 24/7 Vehicle and Machine Breakdown assistance callout services
  • Fleet management

Personnel and Commuter Services

Unitrans has been moving people safely for over 40 years. Our aim is to consistently free up our clients to focus on growing their business by providing an array of solutions that enable our customers to meet their operational, governance and social commitments and plans.

We specialise in providing transportation services across multiple sectors, regions, customers and consumers. Our expertly trained drivers operate a technically well-maintained extensive fleet of over 1000 vehicles. Our technicians are accredited by the major OEMs to carryout in-warranty maintenance, and we partner with industry experts who provide product-life extending refurbishments across all components on the vehicle.

We provide personnel transportation services for our mining customers, who need their employees to arrive on time and safe, through the use of our specialised fleet that is tailored to meet all terrain requirements. We have personnel transport operations in South Africa and Mozambique and are expanding our services into other regions in Africa.

Innovation in Mining

Innovation and technology create opportunities to streamline production and save costs. Unitrans is proud of its innovation to create greater payloads, reduction in fleet requirements, decreases in environmental emissions and an increase in safety standards.

Bulk Transportation

How we assist our clients with our services

The global mining industry requires increasingly innovative approaches to stay ahead of the curve in a highly competitive market. A key area for cost-saving and efficiency is the supply chain. We offer added value as a strategically minded and innovative partner in the mining, explosives, and construction industries. Unitrans implements load and haul solutions that provide opportunities for operational improvements.

Importantly, our operations are also accredited according to the highest available standards, including International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), Occupational Health, Safety and Security (OHSAS), Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAS), and Road Transport Management System (RTMS) when applicable. We are also members of the Chemicals and Allied Industries Association (CAIA) and the National Institute of Explosives Technology (NIXT).

We are the largest operator of road trains in Africa. This is as a result of Unitrans being fully focused on innovation, quality of service, environmental impact and safety and developing high-payload road trains using Performance-Based Systems and the RTMS.

Mining Material Handling Services

  • Load and haul
  • Stockpile management
  • Explosives
  • Mining earthworks and bush clearing
  • Road maintenance
  • Quarry services
  • Personnel transport
  • Inbound and outbound logistics
  • Innovative technology
  • Embedded safety culture

Unitrans Road Trains Benefits

  • Greater payloads (current operational payloads of up to 120 tons per road train)
  • Reduction in fleet requirement
  • Decrease in environmental impact with decreased emissions
  • Decrease in rate per ton
  • Increased safety standards

Deep footprints.

Discover our existing footprint within the mining industry of Southern Africa.

Madagascar Unimat

Unimat Logistics (SA) is a Madagascan registered company created in 2009. 60% Unitrans and 40% Mauritius Automotive Trading Company.

  • Managed by the expertise of Unitrans.
  • All maintenance of its fleet is performed by Materauto.

Madagascar QIT Madagascar Minerals (QMM)

  • Handling of materials with front end loaders
  • Feeding of the mineral separation plant with front end loaders
  • Cleaning of the mineral separation plant with a skidsteer and TLB
  • Bagging of zirsil and monazite
  • Truck loading (bulk and containers)
  • Forklift operators (warehouse and bagging)
  • Transport of tailings to the mine with ADTs
  • Transport of Ilmenite to the port, using 100 ton payload road trains
  • Transport of zirsil and monazite to the port in containers

Namibia Walvis Bay Salt Refinery

  • Loading of bulk salt into road haul trucks
  • Haulage of salt from mine to the port in side tipper trucks
  • Off-loading salt at the port
  • Stockpiling of bulk salt at the port
  • Feeding the loading plant with bulk salt to load bulk salt vessels

Build a powerful partnership today.

Through a concerted and persistent investment in safety and operational excellence and resilience, Unitrans is well positioned to leverage its established footprint across Africa for future growth.

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Build a powerful partnership today.

Through a concerted and persistent investment in safety and operational excellence and resilience, Unitrans is well positioned to leverage its established footprint across Africa for future growth.

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Fill out the form below with your Mining Services and Bulk Handling query and we'll be in touch soon!