Unitrans Helps to Make Positive Changes in Society Unitrans Mandela Day

How Unitrans Helps to Make Positive Changes in Society

Corporate Social Investment (CSI) is an integral part of a company’s commitment to social responsibility and sustainable economic development. As a leading organisation in the transportation and logistics industry, Unitrans recognises the importance of investing in the communities it serves. Over the past year, Unitrans has been actively involved in a range of CSI initiatives, partnering with notable organisations to make a positive impact in various areas of society.

Food Forward

Alleviating Hunger and Supporting Disaster Relief Efforts

One of the critical challenges facing many communities is food security. Unitrans has been an ardent supporter of Food Forward, an organisation dedicated to combatting hunger and reducing food waste in South Africa. Unitrans sponsors three NGOs, enabling them to receive essential food supplies from Food Forward. Additionally, Unitrans has contributed to the maintenance of Food Forward’s delivery vehicles, ensuring the seamless distribution of food resources. In a remarkable display of support during times of crisis, Unitrans donated funds towards the replacement of a 14-ton refrigerated vehicle to aid Food Forward in delivering food supplies to communities affected by the devastating flooding in KwaZulu-Natal. Unitrans has played a vital role in addressing hunger and promoting disaster relief efforts through these initiatives.

Forward Foundation

Empowering Education and Skills Development

Education is a powerful tool for empowering individuals and uplifting communities. Unitrans proudly sponsors two early childhood development programs run by Forward Foundation, namely the Raithby Educational & Skills Development Programme and Kings Harvest Academy Kinetix Physical Education Programme. In Raithby, Unitrans’ physical education program has made a significant impact on the Brakenjan Pre-primary, Raithby Primary, and Dr GJ Joubert Primary schools. Over 750 learners receive regular physical education sessions, fostering their holistic development and promoting a healthy lifestyle. Unitrans also supports the physical education programme at Kings Harvest Academy in Stuartville, Hluthankungu in Durban. By investing in education and skills development, Unitrans is sowing the seeds of a brighter future for the communities it serves.

Home from Home

Fostering a Sense of Belonging

Unitrans recognizes the importance of supporting vulnerable children in society. Through its partnership with Home from Home, an organisation providing safe and loving family environments for orphaned and abandoned children, Unitrans is making a lasting impact on communities in the Western Cape. The company has sponsored data subscriptions for the houses in Ocean View, ensuring that children and parents have access to necessary educational resources, thereby fostering a conducive learning environment. Additionally, Unitrans contributes by providing Christmas gifts annually, bringing joy and smiles to the faces of these children during the festive season. Unitrans’ commitment to nurturing a sense of belonging and providing growth opportunities is instrumental in creating a brighter future for these children.

Red Cross Children's Hospital

Enhancing Healthcare Experiences

Unitrans recognizes the importance of healthcare facilities in promoting the well-being of communities. In support of the Red Cross Children’s Hospital, Unitrans has contributed to the development of a new therapeutic playground. This initiative aims to create a welcoming and healing environment for children, allowing them to recover and receive treatment in a nurturing setting. By investing in healthcare infrastructure, Unitrans demonstrates its commitment to improving the lives of young patients and ensuring their holistic well-being.

Retina SA's Dischem Ride for Sight Campaign

Fighting Blindness and Raising Awareness

Retina South Africa (Retina SA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to fighting blindness and raising awareness about retinal degenerative disorders. One of their flagship initiatives, the Dischem Ride for Sight campaign, aims to support individuals affected by these conditions and drive research efforts towards finding effective treatments.

Unitrans has demonstrated its commitment to this cause by providing six refrigerated vehicles in support of the Dischem Ride for Sight event. These trucks play a vital role in transporting and storing critical medical supplies as well as beverages and water for hydration points, ensuring the smooth execution of the campaign’s activities. Unitrans’ contribution has not only enhanced the logistical capabilities of Retina SA but has also reinforced their shared vision of a society where no one’s sight is needlessly lost.

Road Safety Partnership SA

Championing The Importance Of Road Safety

Road accidents continue to pose a significant threat to the safety of individuals and communities worldwide. Recognizing the importance of road safety education, Unitrans joined hands with Total Energies South Africa and Road Safety Partnership SA to support an innovative road safety educational project.

The initiative aims to promote and educate learners about the importance of road safety, equipping them with essential knowledge and skills to navigate our roads responsibly. Through joint funding, Unitrans and Total Energies South Africa provided the necessary resources to develop and implement an impactful road safety program in 4 schools in Ekurhuleni on the East Rand of Gauteng. By actively participating in this project, Unitrans is playing a crucial role in safeguarding lives and creating a culture of responsible road use.

Sani2c Community Development Fund

Promoting Community Upliftment and Environmental Sustainability

The Sani2c Community Development Fund is an initiative closely aligned with Unitrans’ commitment to community upliftment and environmental sustainability. As part of the renowned sani2c race, this fund focuses on supporting the communities along the race route and fostering long-term development opportunities.

Unitrans has taken a proactive approach by sponsoring the upkeep and maintenance of the “Unitrans Green Mile”, a significant segment of the sani2c race linking the day 2 finish point at Kings Harvest Academy with the Jolivet race village. By hiring local community members to carry out this work, Unitrans contributes to job creation and economic empowerment. Furthermore, the company has embarked on an ambitious tree-planting initiative along the roadside, enhancing the natural environment and promoting ecological conservation. Unitrans’ involvement in the Sani2c Community Development Fund exemplifies its dedication to both community upliftment and environmental stewardship.


Unitrans Helps to Make Positive Changes in Society

By partnering with all of these highly credible organisations Unitrans is helping to drive positive change and making a tangible impact on society. These initiatives address critical social and environmental challenges and align with the company’s core values and purpose. As Unitrans continues to expand its reach, it is evident that its socio-economic development efforts will remain at the forefront, creating a better tomorrow for the communities they serve.