Unitrans Namibia Stringent Spot Safety Testing

To survive in the very competitive transport business in Namibia you need to make sure your safety record is untarnished. Your drivers are your ambassadors on the road and the company image are shaped by the way the they are behaving on the road.

Part of management KPI are that they do on the road spot checks. This entails checking if they are complying in wearing their seatbelts, no passengers, in uniform and are not speeding. Drinking and driving is one of the biggest risk you as a transport company has and there is a zero tolerance for this. All drivers are tested for alcohol when reporting to work daily and also when entering the customer sites.

UnitransNamibia prioritizes safety
Unitrans Namibia SHEQ

But it is also important to do random on the road test to confirm that no drinking happens after the driver has left the depot. All management carry a Drager Alcotest 5510 model with them. All of them are trained to use this device and a record is kept of all tests and also when calibration is due. So when management is on the road it is expected that they will check the drivers they encounter on the road for alcohol. This includes overnight spots. Also when a driver is involved in any incident the first thing management do when they get to the site is to test the driver to make sure there is no alcohol involved.