Unitrans Botswana organises Road Safety Day

Unitrans Botswana organised a Road Safety Day at St Joseph Primary School in Gaborone. The primary school is located along the A1 road just outside Gaborone. The road is one of the most frequently used roads by Unitrans vehicles.
The Road Safety Day was Brian Swift’s brain child. He drives past the school twice daily as he travels to work and back. Brian noticed how vulnerable the school children were after witnessing a number of near misses. School children were being dropped by the parents on the side of the road, and some were dropped from buses and taxis and left to cross the road alone.

“For safety is not a gadget, but a state of mind.”
Eleanor Everet

The Unitrans Botswana team put together ideas on how to educate the children on road safety. A team led by Michael Zano, Kate Mosenki and Ben Manyanda organised the event. The Government of Botswana was invited and loved the idea. They partnered with Unitrans Botswana for the event.
The following organisations were represented at the event:
• The Department of Road Transport and Safety
• The Botswana Police Services (Naledi and Ramotswa)
The Motor Vehicle Accident Fund
The District Road Safety Committees (Gaborone and Ramotswa)

Unitrans Botswana staff educated the children on various road safety issues. The Department of Road Transport and Safety introduced a Mobile Traffic School which educates children on road safety. The theme for the Road Safety Day was “Safe Road Crossing, Save Lives, Slow Down”.

Amongst the invited guests were the Botswana Police Director of Traffic, the District Commissioner, the Area Councillor, the Director of the Department of Road Transport and Safety and other highly respected members of society.

We hope that the initiative will prevent our children from being harmed on the roads and we hope to continue to educate them on Road Safety in the future

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