Unitrans and the Sani2C Race: Why We Make It Happen

As a leader in transport and logistics, Unitrans is a familiar name at the KAP Sani2C cycle race.

The KAP Sani2C Cycle Race

The KAP Sani2C is a prestigious three-day mountain bike race held annually in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. Unitrans, as part of KAP, is a highly involved participant and supporter of the race, but our involvement goes far beyond simply supporting the cycling event. At Unitrans, we are deeply committed to, and aligned with, the race’s ethos of community upliftment and environmental sustainability.

Investing in a Greener Future

The “Green Mile” initiative is a testament to Unitrans’ dedication to the Sani2C route, and our dedication to its surrounding communities. Faced with road safety concerns for riders traversing a busy public road, our teams collaborated with Sani2C Community Trust and local community stakeholders to create a safe and scenic alternative. This 2-kilometre stretch of paved sidewalk has not only become a safer alternative for race participants and spectators but also a safe haven for community members year-round. Our vision, however, extends far beyond utility. Partnering with Hlutankungu, a local village known as the “Green Village,” our Unitrans team supports the employment of local community members that landscaped the entire walkway with flourishing gardens. More than just investing in aesthetics, our Green Mile addressed a key community challenge. Challenged by a lack of funding to expand Hlutankungu’s existing greening project, the community needed assistance of all forms to Make It Happen. Through our involvement, commitment, and grassroots assistance, the “Green Mile” has become a vital source of local pride, fostered a sense of community ownership, and most importantly, improved road safety for residents, particularly schoolchildren.

Cultivating Potential at King Harvest Academy

Combining our commitment towards furthering and enabling education, Unitrans  has invested in an Early Childhood Development (ECD) programme for the local community. Through our partnership with Forward Foundation, we sponsor a year-round physical education programme at King Harvest Academy. This seemingly simple initiative yields profound results. Under-resourced educational facilities across South Africa commonly lack facilities and space for physical education programmes, with almost 60% of public schools unable to provide such programmes. At King Harvest Academy, however, we’ve been able to turn that trend around with a programme that centres around education, through movement. This programme enables children to participate in physical development programmes, improves school readiness, and academic performance. Our involvement has borne exceptional fruit, with regular physical assessments and positive teacher feedback highlighting students’ growth and development. As an adaptable physical education programme, we’re proud to play a role in creating exceptional spaces for excellence in learning and development.

We Make it Happen through Collaboration

Our Unitrans success in our CSI endeavours is closely tied to our community-first, collaborative approach. By working closely with community members, like those in Hlutankungu, and organisations like Forward Foundation, we galvanise our efforts to ensure they address genuine needs and create a sense of shared ownership. The collaborative spirit that encompasses our CSI approach extends to the teachers, students, and parents at King Harvest Academy. Everyone is invested in the programme’s success, creating a nurturing environment primed for growth.

The Road Ahead with Sani2C and Unitrans

Looking ahead, Unitrans seeks to expand its collaboration with the Sani2C Community Trust to develop further highly effective initiatives with lasting positive effects. Our dedication to social responsibility and environmental wellbeing paves the way for a brighter future for the race, the surrounding communities, and the sport of mountain biking itself. Together, we can climb, and summit, mountains and so much more.