Agricultural Logistics in Sub-Saharan Africa

Navigating Agricultural Logistics in Sub-Saharan Africa with Unitrans

Agricultural Logistics in Sub-Saharan Africa

Unitrans outlines how their agricultural teams ‘make it happen’, optimising efficiency and reliability

Optimising efficiency to ensure reliability

Sub-Saharan Africa’s dynamic landscape presents unique challenges for supply chains. From unpredictable weather patterns to diverse terrain, ensuring efficient and reliable transportation requires ingenuity and expertise. This is where Unitrans steps in, not just as a hauler, but as a strategic partner, designing and implementing an integrated value chain that tackles regional hurdles and empowers agricultural businesses. Unitrans’ tailored approach to each agricultural customers’ needs enables their teams to make it happen.

Weathering every storm

Unpredictable weather patterns often lead to unfavourable outcomes within the agricultural sector. Torrential rainfall, especially out of season, can lay waste to the all-important harvests. For agricultural customers in Sub-Saharan Africa, this was a harsh reality until Unitrans introduced its robust wet-weather logistics solution. Specialised equipment – mud – conquering trucks and trailers – navigate difficult terrain, ensuring harvests reach processing plants on time, even during torrential downpours. This innovative solution minimises weather-related losses, leading to improved profit margins for farmers and sustainable growth for the entire agricultural sector.

Beyond transportation

Unitrans’ commitment goes beyond transportation. Acting as an extension of their customer’s operations, Unitrans operates in an integrated way, actively involved in the full supply chain. From land preparation to drone technology solutions, we optimise every step. Our fleet also provides mechanical harvesting and efficient transportation to mills. Within the processing plants, our equipment further streamlines workflows, handling finished products and by-products with precision. The holistic approach enables agricultural customers to focus on what they do best – cultivating quality crops – while we handle the intricate logistics with expertise and innovation.

The Unitrans difference

Certification serves as a stamp of objective approval, with Unitrans being certified on
several aspects of servicing the agricultural sector. The numerous accreditations include:

● ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.
● ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems.
● OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.
● RTMS (Road Transport Management System).
● PBS (Performance Based Systems).
● CNB 253.
● NOSA Integrated System.

Building agricultural partnerships

Unitrans’ collaborative approach enables optimal outcomes for the agricultural sector. Beyond simply a logistics services provider, Unitrans strives to ‘make it happen’ by being a true collaborator within customers’ operations. By tailoring integrated solutions to each region’s specific challenges, Unitrans optimises for efficiency, increased reliability, and improved profit margins.