Nakambala Cane Haulage and Loading kick’s into gear!

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Nakambala Cane Haulage and Loading kick’s into gear!

The new 2020 Season has started off well with cane haulage and loading in full swing! Unitrans Africa Zambia operation pre-season recruitment and training was conducted during the trying COVID 19 pandemic. The Cane Haulage operations started during the month of April 2020.

All the pre-season preparation and training will assist in ensuring everyone is geared for a successful 2020 season. Helping Unitrans Africa in Zambia to ensure optimal operational performance, maintain highest Safety Standards and take care of our most value asset – our Human Capital.

Nakambala Cane Haulage2

The Unitrans Africa Zambia fleet includes the implementation of new technology fleet, enabling implementation of the lowest cost operations. The units combine both high volume capacity with innovative supply chain solutions technology, ensuring maximum performance standards.

Unitrans Africa Zambia looks forward to the year ahead.

Nakambala Cane Haulage