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Terry Bantock

Chief Executive Officer


Leadership At Unitrans

Unitrans is a company that understands the importance of strong and effective leadership. With a commitment to excellence, our leadership team is dedicated to providing direction, motivation, and support to our employees to ensure the success of our company.

At Unitrans, we value transparency, collaboration, and innovation, and our leadership team is committed to creating a culture that encourages these values. Our leaders lead by example and are committed to building a company that is both successful and fulfilling for all our employees.

Operational Leadership Team

Rob Hayworth

Chief Operating Officer; Agriculture

Martin Loubser

Chief Operating Officer; Specialised Bulk

Carl Malherbe

Chief Operating Officer; Food and Consumer

Derek Lewis

Chief Operating Officer; People Transport

John Kettlewell

Chief Operating Officer; Minig

Gareth Jones

Chief Operating Officer; Industrial

Functional Leadership Team

Andile Luke

Chief People Officer

Carli Venter

Chief Strategy Officer

Chris van Zyl

Chief Financial Officer

Adriaan de Beer

Chief Commercial officer

Gert Brits

Chief Technical Officer

Jacques Greef

Chief Excellence Officer