Kilombero Community Charitable Trust

KCCT is an NGO co-founded in 2003 by representatives from Kilombero Sugar Company and Unitrans Africa Tanzania out of a shared concern for the underprivileged in the community surrounding Kilombero Sugar Company, and a desire to uplift and empower the community. Seven appointed trustees, including from Kilombero and Kilosa Districts and Unitrans Africa Tanzania Regional Manager Rudolph Greyling, oversee the charitable projects. A KCCT manager is appointed to run the administrative affairs of the Trust and ensure new funds are obtained from donor partners and contributors.

Unitrans Africa Tanzania Kilombero Depot 1

The funding philosophy is geared towards sustainable projects which provide significant benefit to the community. In line with this stated mission, the following projects were completed during 2019 under the sponsorship of the KCCT:

  • Upgrade and maintenance of roads leading to the nearby Nyandewo and Mkamba Hospitals.
  • Renovation and upgrades to the Msolwa Good Samaritan Hospital.
  • Contributing to building renovations and new developments for two class rooms at the Iwemba And Tumbi schools.
  • Assistance with small growers cane rates negotiations.