Unimat Team Madagascar

How Innovative Technologies Drive Optimised Logistics in Madagascar

Improved compliance, and enhancing delivery operations, are just two benefits associated with the adoption of innovative technologies by the Unitrans Madagascar division. Unitrans examines the positive effect of innovative technologies across Madagascar’s logistics industry. 

Unitrans Madagascar

Unitrans operates in Madagascar, supporting the country’s second-largest mining operation. Unimat Logistics Madagascar, created in 2009, partners with Materauto to enable world-class service provision. Blending Unitrans’ expertise and Materauto’s services, Unimat Logistics Madagascar builds regional partnerships and ensures safe supply chains. Unimat Logistics Madagascar continues to develop strong relationships to guarantee safe, reliable supply chain and mining transport engineering solutions. The unique differentiator lies in its adoption of innovative technologies.

Logistics in Madagascar

The logistics sector in Madagascar is set for growth, with industry indicators all pointing towards increased year-on-year volume across the industry. The unique challenges of logistics in Madagascar include enhancing connectivity across all types of transportation, while ensuring compliance. As a priority concern for this region, enhanced connectivity and improved compliance is achieved through the adoption of innovative technologies, and Unitrans rises to the challenge.

Innovative logistics technologies in Madagascar

Unimat Logistics Madagascar uses innovative technologies for on-the-road surveillance and monitoring, and premium fleet tracking systems. Safety and compliance are a continued concern in the region, and these technologies enhance and secure both, providing our customers with increased assurance that their shipments are safe. Our logistics technologies in Madagascar include:

  • In-cab camera solutions: Our in-cab camera solutions help to secure our teams and shipments with constant surveillance and recording. As a daily operational system, the in-cab camera solutions improve safety and training for all teams. Moreover, the in-cab camera technologies provide real-time surveillance and improved security. 
  • Fleet tracking system: Measuring every metric, from fuel usage to driving practice and more, our fleet tracking system assures our team and customer that every element of their supply chain system is closely monitored, tracked, and secured.

Secured and safe logistics in Madagascar

Unimat Logistics Madagascar stands out when it comes to maintaining high safety and quality standards. Our team expertise focuses on customer success, ensuring reliable, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly services. Unimat Logistics Madagascar is involved in all stages of the Rio Tinto mining value chain, using a diverse fleet for a wide portfolio of tasks. Rio Tinto affirmed our operational excellence through awarding Unimat Logistics Madagascar its Best Supplier Award in 2015, and further accolades have followed. 

Adopting innovative technologies boosts compliance and enhances Unitrans Logistics Madagascar’s delivery operations across the region.