Covid-19 Relief Fund Donation

Remarks by Managing Director, Unitrans Botswana, Brian Swift, for COVID-19 Relief Fund Donation Ceremony – May, 2020

IN attendence: Director of Ceremonies
Your Honour The Vice President, Mr Slumber Tsogwane
Fellow Donors
Dumelang, ka PULA, Bagaetsho!
and Distinguished Dignitaries Here Present

Mr Swift shared:“Thank you for the warm welcome.  I am delighted to join you all here today on behalf of Unitrans Botswana to present the Company’s small donation towards the Botswana COVID-19 Relief Fund.

Firstly I would like to congratulate the Government of Botswana for the professional way that they have managed the difficult situation.

This management is reflected in the relatively low number of cases and deaths recorded in the country compared other countries.

Secondly, i would like to thank all those individuals who have worked tirelessly thought the period, both in the public and private sector.

Thirdly i would like to thank the citizens and residents of botstwana who have behaved in a disciplined and responsable manner throughout the pandemic.

Batswana have met the difficulties of this period with remarkable courage,self purpose,unity and self discipline.

This spirit combined with  the government management of the pandemic has saved thousands of lives.

The traditional Botswana virtues of:

Tsholofelo ga e thlabise dithlong
Motho ke motho ka batho babangwe

Have come to the fore

Our economy has been terribly assaulted. Many have lost jobs and businesses. However, the history of Botswana has taught us that we are a resilient nation.

Mr Swift on Unitrans Africa Botswana says: “I am happy to state that as we speak Unitrans employees are also mobilising to raise additional funds out of their own pockets as their own collective contribution to the Fund.

This is a spirit we encourage in our workforce.  Last year the employees jointly with the Company donated a house to a needy family in Ranaka.

As an essential service provider Unitrans employees continue to bravely and selflessly cross borders to as they go about their important work of bringing fuel to the mines and the rest of the country.

We have to continue following the advice of our scientists and health professionals never to relax restrictions too soon. We can only do so at our own peril and all that has been achieved would be lost.  

Finally, Your Honour, I feel very PRIVILEDGED and honoured to present this small amount of P200 000 as contribution by Unitrans Botswana towards the COVID-19 Relief Fund”.

Unitrans Botswana is historically heavily invested in its people and well-being of community with many regular donations to schools and orphanages and facilitating opportunities for Safety Days to young learners.