Covid-19 Interventions

Unitrans support local health authorities with much needed COVID 2019 Supplies.

Covid-19 Interventions

Unitrans has compiled a comprehensive Intervention Response Plan for COVID-19 to proactively equip Unitrans with information, preparedness and action strategies to mitigate and prevent exposure to or the transmission of the COVID-19 virus to fellow employees, business partners and communities within which we operate.

In order to make our response as transparent and clear as possible, we have adopted a chronological approach addressing the COVID-19 risk with the information at hand. This COVID-19 interventions program allows Unitrans Africa to manage the risk based on site, group and country specific risk exposure and allow the activation of different levels of Covid-19 interventions according to the inherent risk.

Safety of all Employees and fellow stakeholders are vital to foster sustainable and responsible corporate practices.

Unitrans is the provider of essential services in the agricultural sector it has implemented and incorporated various safety awareness protocol and procedures to ensure our employees are safe and can continue to provide the vital services during this unsettling time.

The COVID 19 Pandemic has affected every family, business and district in Malawi significantly. After receiving a request from the District Commissioners Office for assistance Unitrans Dwangwa Depot contributed to their emergency efforts. Crucial supplies to assist and support front line health care workers with much required Personal Protective and Medical Gear as well as other Logistical support for COVID educational meetings in the area were donated on the 7th of May 2020. The bulk of the items were distributed to health centers in greater Dwangwa district and to the main District Hospital.

The Unitrans Africa – Malawi Nchalo Depot team swiftly implemented the relevant safety and precautionary measures advised by relevant internal corporate safety guidance notes and health care providers. In acknowledgement of the hard work done by local law enforcement in dealing with this Crisis, Unitrans also continuously support with logistical supplies to ensure communities can be kept safe.

“No man is an island” and the spirit of ensuring increased cooperation between ourselves and the Illovo Sugar Malawi, further educational and informational sessions were instituted where all staff and stakeholders were briefed and trained on the importance of pre-emptive measures to mitigate the risk posed by the COVID 19 pandemic on our employees, their families and other stakeholders.