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Covid-19 Interventions

Covid-19 Interventions Unitrans has compiled a comprehensive Intervention Response Plan for COVID-19 to proactively equip Unitrans with information, preparedness and action strategies to mitigate and prevent exposure to or the transmission of the COVID-19 virus to fellow employees, business partners and communities within which we operate. In order to make [...]

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The 2020 Cane haulage and loading Season has started!

2020 Season has started off and Cane haulage and loading has started! Unitrans Malawi Operations pre-season trainings were adapted and aligned with all COVID 19 Precautionary measures in place and kicked off during the month of March 2020. Increased training sessions with operations and workshop crews contributed to a keen [...]

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First burn of the season

An immense sense of relief suddenly drifted between the crowds of bystanders as the first cane fields were lit up on Saturday 17th April 2016. All around, from farmers, cane cutters, fire fighters to all the managers who came to witness the first burn of the season – a real [...]

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