Accelerated Organisational Sustainability To Enable A Better World

As a leading logistics provider servicing Sub-Saharan Africa, Unitrans prioritises sustainability throughout its operations. Our Accelerated Organisational Sustainability Programme aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and further sustainability frameworks, solidifying our commitment as a responsible and environmentally conscious business partner.

Unitrans sustainability pledge is our commitment towards continuous improvement

The Unitrans Sustainability Pledge underscores our dedication to ongoing sustainability advancement. This pledge acknowledges our responsibility towards environmental, social, and governance aspects. For Unitrans, achieving sustainability is a journey, not a destination. The Unitrans Sustainability Pledge signifies a continuous commitment to improvement, setting measurable goals, and implementing strategies for long-term success. It guides our company-wide efforts to embed environmentally responsible practices throughout our operations.

Data accuracy and transparency

At the core of our Accelerated Organisational Sustainability programme lies one of the most crucial factors for enabling sustainability success: accurate and reliable data. Our comprehensive carbon emissions reporting, while focused on our fuel consumption and related emissions reporting, ensures full transparency for our business and our customers. Our carbon emissions reporting systems encompass accurate, reliable reporting on:

  • Scope 1 emissions: These are direct greenhouse gas emissions from our own operations. Scope 1 emissions encompass fuel combustion in vehicles or industrial processes.
  • Scope 2 emissions: These are indirect emissions from the energy we purchase to use throughout our operations, like electricity used to power its facilities.
  • Scope 3 emissions: These are all other indirect emissions that occur throughout our supply chain, including emissions from suppliers, products in use, and waste disposal. At Unitrans, we provide our clients with accurate data to support our customers’ Scope 3 emissions reporting. 

Through the implementation of real-time monitoring at the point of emission and related technologies, we ensure full transparency with interactive dashboards, up-to-date reporting, and evolving collaboration to assist our customers to also reach their sustainability goals. 

Often overlooked by many businesses, our focus on ensuring accurate data for Scope 3 emissions reporting supports our customers in important ways. This transparency enables our team to optimise our operations and empower our customers to make informed decisions about their supply chains.

Talking the Green Torque

Our Green Torque programme helps us to communicate and create awareness among staff on sustainability issues. Focusing on fleet optimisation, Unitrans leverages advanced technologies, including in-vehicle cameras, telematics, and fuel sensors on our fleet as well as regular driver training to enhance understanding and improve on-the-road practices towards ensuring fuel efficiency. As we measure at the point of emission, providing real time data enables us to get a better understanding of our emissions footprint and insight into managing and mitigating that impact. Green Torque exists as our umbrella project to help the business to reduce our carbon footprint and translates into a tangible value-add and change management programme that can be shared with customers to contribute positively to their sustainability goals.

Optimising warehousing operations

By focusing on energy efficiency, waste management, and water conservation, we work with our customers to optimise warehousing operations. This includes online monitoring of resource consumption, implementing energy-saving strategies like LED lighting and natural light optimisation, occupancy sensors and exploring renewable energy sources like solar power. Here too, data plays a critical role, with online metering systems used to ensure accurate data collection for factors like electricity and water.

Empowering our team through the Green Champions programme

Our Green Champions light the way for sustainability across Unitrans, through their commitment towards highlighting sustainable practices. Their enthusiasm and leadership inspire all of us to put sustainability first. This programme fosters employee engagement by creating a platform for staff to contribute ideas and actively participate in sustainability initiatives. This programme empowers employees to become sustainability champions within their teams, embedding a culture of environmental and social responsibility.

Collaboration is key for sustainability success

Beyond our own organisational objectives, we also understand the important role Unitrans plays in supporting our industry’s sustainability objectives. We actively engage with industry bodies and stakeholders to share knowledge and best practices. Our industry commitment towards accelerating progress actively enables a more sustainable future for the logistics sector.

Optimising customers’ operations to achieve sustainability goals

Our portfolio of customers directly benefits from our commitment to sustainability, through: 

  • Optimised operations: Our Accelerated Organisational Sustainability programme translates into a more efficient supply chain for our customers. This enables cost savings, reduced lead times, and improved overall operational efficiency.
  • Enhanced sustainability credentials: By partnering with Unitrans, our customers elevate their own sustainability profile. Our transparent reporting on carbon emissions enables our customers to demonstrate their commitment to environmental responsibility throughout their supply chains.
  • Reduced environmental impact: When our customers choose to partner with us, they actively contribute towards a reduced carbon footprint. Our programmes that support fuel efficiency, renewable energy exploration, and responsible waste management help our customers minimise their environmental impact.
  • Continuous compliance: The regulatory landscape surrounding sustainability is constantly evolving. By partnering with our proactive, knowledgeable team, our customers stay ahead of the curve and remain assured of compliance with upcoming regulations.
  • Future-proofed supply chains: Sustainability is no longer a niche concern, it’s an essential consideration for all businesses. By partnering with Unitrans, our customers actively invest in a future-proofed supply chain that is adaptable and resilient in the face of a changing environmental landscape.

Beyond our commitment and implementation, the Unitrans sustainability approach also gives us a strategic advantage. This benefits our customers in significant ways, as we collaborate to ensure a sustainable future