A Look Back At Some Highlights From 2022

What a year it has been! As we gear up for an exciting 2023, we look back fondly at everything from the thousands of kilometres our road trains traveled to the exciting innovations in logistics, farming, and warehousing.

As Maya Angelou said: ”You Can’t Really Know Where You Are Going Until You Know Where You Have Been” Here is a look back at a few highlights of the year:

Increased use of drones in precision agriculture

From the health sector to filming and photography, companies such as Amazon (for deliveries) have tapped into the remote-controlled world. While the agriculture sector was a slightly slower adopter, in recent years drones have become a vital implement in the modern farmer’s tool shed. Across the world, farmers are also using agricultural drones for seed planting, irrigation monitoring, and real-time livestock management among a host of other things. Currently, in Africa, two of the most common uses currently are drone surveying and crop spraying and as part of Unitrans’ Precision Farming offering, we make effective use of drones throughout Southern and South-central Africa.

Once Again Supported Sani2c

KAP Sani2c was once again a huge success in 2022 and we were proud to be associated through KAP. One of the race’s two main purposes is described as being ‘to create employment and other commercial opportunities, and develop skills by collaborating with local organisations and previously unemployed residents on the route.’ 

Our values and goals at Unitrans are very much aligned with these goals. As a proud contributor to broad-based black economic empowerment, we achieved a Level 2 B-BBEE rating with effect from 1 October 2021 with more than 60% black ownership, 38% black women and 13% black youth ownership. We are a leading provider of integrated transportation, warehousing, and supply chain-based services to customers with a variety of needs, offering bespoke value propositions in each segment

In addition to environmental sustainability, for Unitrans, it is important to invest in the local economies and talent pools in which we operate. We hire from the communities where our operations are based and up to 98% of staff are from the areas where operations are in.

Increased Road Safety Education Initiatives

Sustainability, road safety and social development are three major cornerstones of Unitrans. this is why our Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions recently teamed up with TotalEnergies Marketing South Africa to launch a road safety education project for primary school learners in South Africa. Learn more here.

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Why it is important to teach road safety at an early age

Sustainability, road safety, and social development are three major cornerstones of Unitrans Africa. this is why our Unitrans Supply Chain Solutions recently teamed up with Total Energies Marketing South Africa to launch a road safety education project for primary school learners.

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Continued drive toward sustainability, efficiency and regeneration in various sectors

In the agriculture industry, reforestation is crucial. It is very much a scientific process because it is not simply about planting trees. For it to be effective, adequate knowledge of the area’s geography, climate, and soil types is required. As part of our specialist design competencies, the team designs and specifies equipment to maximise returns while minimising the impact on the lands. Read this to find out why this is vital.

Mining rehabilitation is a vitally important part of the mining cycle. In broad terms, mine rehabilitation (also referred to as reclamation) is the restoration of a post-mine landscape according to pre-planned, post-mining land use (PMLU). This is done in accordance with strict protocols and for a variety of reasons, but the main objectives are to minimise and mitigate the effects of mining on the environment. Learn how we do it, here.

When it comes to logitstics, road trains and better use of rail networks can lead to more efficient and environmentally-friendly mass transport, something we will continue to strive toward in 2023.